Bohemian Fashion – Looking Chic with Bohemian Maxi Dresses

Fashion comes and goes as well from time to time. These days, everyone has its own individual style. Some would keep it trendy and chic. Some mix it up as to how the ways they prefer it and would probably go into layers.The Bohemian style, for 200 years, has been free spirited, carefree, romantic clothing styles in fashion. It is often referred to as boho and often called as hippie-chic or even hobo-chic. The bohemian style is not just simple and inexpensive, but with proper tips, techniques, and mix and matches, it would pave its ways to a more unique and individual you.

Look for a fashion icon and learn for them. They don’t need to be a much vintage or a hippie show icon but rather someone who has an exquisitely simple yet trendy taste of looks who doesn’t follow the mob. (Examples are Audrey Hepburn and The Olsen Twins).

Be yourself! Let your personality shine. Remember, the way you feel in the inside apparently and subtly shows on the outside and it reflects in your personality as well. It’s not just the flip flops, flowy layered skirts, feathered head bands, and French braids. One of the important things in the Bohemian style is the individuality. Other than that, it is in your fashion choice that you get to express your personality.

Mix and Matches. Bohemian clothing style works well in casual settings.Be trendy yet chic in a cool modern way. Learn how wardrobes work together. This doesn’t need to cost you a lot. In fact, experimenting is one of the best ways to start and work with. You can consider rustic fabrics like aged leather, chunky knitwear, patchwork and tie-dye. Flowing silhouettes like maxi dresses, empire cuts, flared pants, faded cut-off jeans, crocheted toppers, peasant blouses, ankle-length gypsy skirts, shaggy waistcoats and bell-sleeved tops.

Accessorize and Get Excited. Bohemian style is paid more attention into details. From intricate design details and trims like top stitching, handkerchief hems, bat wings, ditsy florals, beads, macramé, smocking, folksy embroideries, wooden buttons and fringe. Casual accessories like organic jewellery, slouchy hobo bags, headbands, broad brimmed floppy hats, and hip slung belts is also a big plus!

Be daring and have fun. Always remember to just be who you are. Whatever and however you get to style yourself is your individual fashion choice so embrace it! Show and face the world with confidence and grace that comes from within. And don’t ever forget to have fun!

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