Style & Fashion Guide to Mens Fitness Watches for 2018

In keeping with the ongoing trend of years past, 2018 looks to be the strongest year yet for smart fitness watches and trackers. The features are becoming even more invaluable, the aesthetics are among the most stylish you could imagine, and the prices are coming down to incredibly competitive rates. If you’re upgrading from a prior model or just getting into the fitness watch game for the first time, 2018 is the perfect time to do so!

There are so many choices that it can be difficult to decide upon the perfect model however. With that in mind, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best options around. To help expedite your purchase, here are the best fitness watches for 2018: 

1 – The Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit has been on the market for a few years now. There have been various iterations, and they really seem to get better every single time around. This particular model comes in at around $150 new, but you’ll know exactly where the money is going. The design is comfortable enough to compete with any high end fashion watch, and tracking features are about as perfect as you could imagine. Once you update the firmware, you’ll have what is arguably the best fitness tracker around. 

2 – Fitbit Flex 2

If you want to save a bit of money however, this second Fitbit option will more than do the trick. Coming in at just around $60, the price point is difficult to argue with. With this model, you’ll have all of the standard step counting features, as well as the ability to add up your calories for the day and determine specific exercises you’re currently engaged in. You can even pair the watch with your smartphone via an app that will make using each feature a breeze. 

3 – Nokia Steel

Finally, Nokia has also stepped in as a strong competitor. The customer reviews have been fairly positive across the board, and the pricing manages to beat out the top end Fitbit model by about $20. It has food tracking options, “My Fitness Pal” compatibility, and a shockingly long battery life of 8 months. The only thing missing is an extra large option for those of us with thicker wrists. Fitbit is still the king overall, but this promising option from Nokia is going to shake things up in a major way moving forward.

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Fundamental Elements of A Bohemian Clothing Fashion

Street trend turns into a lot of popularity as superstars started to dress it on red carpet events. bohemian maxi dresses designs of clothes are not necessarily that costly just like what celebs wear. Apart from a person that resides in Bohemia, the word Bohemian indicates someone having an unusual way of life, someone commonly an artist or writer who never lives in accordance with the conventions of the culture. Bohemian clothing style serves as a dissented trend. Therefore you need not hire costly designer’s collection only to get a whole new closet.

Suggestion number one – dress in one artistic portion. Bohemian clothing style seemed to be made by striving actors or actress of 50’s. Their particular fashion, such as the way they wear can often be welcomed by media as savage since they vary from the conventions. They often present an exciting element or piece with these. Furthermore, patterned shirt or a floppy hat will work, and then match it with jeans. Make sure that you won’t get lost in a crowd with this particular appearance. Subsequently, match your jeans with a leather-based belt.

Bohemian trend hides curves muscles or bumps. Find a loose fit. Long skirts, flowy tops, and dress are great. This can be ideal if you dislike using high heel shoes.

You will discover a no strict color scheme regarding bohemian clothing style, it is possible to decide on any kind of shades and colors on a rainbow. Bear in mind to decide on fabrics that happen to be somewhat silent. However dark colored isn’t available on the rainbow, whatever goes in this type of clothing.

Wearing accessories including big bangle charms as well as an earring created from peacock feathers is sweet in this type of attire is a need. Accessories crafted from wood can also be good, but don’t forget it doesn’t end up being expensive. You can check out any nearby second-hand store for the following. Handmade accessories are ideal, additionally, you happen to be assisting your local performers if you prefer this. heavy metal and rock accessories can also be good, just be certain you never think awkward in donning it.

Women’s Bohemian Style of Clothing

Fashion comes and goes with the seasons. For cold weather, women are pretty much limited to wearing thick sweaters, jackets, and parkas when going outdoors, however, during spring and the warm summer months, we have a lot more options to go for. One of the most popular and recurring fashion styles is the Bohemian clothing style which is avaiable at top tier style 

Bohemian fashion applies not just to women but to men as well. However, the vast majority of fashion designers design Bohemian clothing for women. Having been popularized by ‘flower power’ and the ‘beat generation’, the Bohemian clothing style became an important fixture of the fashion industry in the late 1960’s. Stars such as the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Blondie and many more important figures have helped promote Bohemian fashion into becoming mainstream.

Bohemian clothing for women is typically loose and free-flowing and can easily fit any body type. A Bohemian top can be of any length and are usually made of soft linen and cotton. Design can be anywhere from floral design, tribal design, or even South American or Asian motifs. Bohemian clothing for women can have puffed sleeves or be off-shouldered. For skirts, these are usually long, typically ankle-length and ruffles and layers are preferred to achieve a proper Bohemian look.

For footwear, high heels and stilettos are a big no-no! Instead, look for a nice pair of flats or if you absolutely must wear heels then go for footwear with very little heels, perhaps an inch at the most. Of course, it wouldn’t be Bohemian if accessories were missing. Simply put, accessories are a must-have for those aspiring to achieve the Bohemian look. Long and colorful necklaces, earrings, bangles, and bracelets are all important. You need to be careful though and make sure that the material used for the accessories you are using is not made of plastic, rather it should be made out of something natural like wood, metal, stone, or glass. For bags, use cloth bags with beads, patchwork and mirror work.

If you think Bohemian fashion is what you want to wear this season, then get Bohemian clothing for women now!


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A Quick Glance at Bohemian Style Clothing

You might be attracted to that hot chic down the street garbed in earthly clothing but don’t you know it’s a fashion trend that is about to boom in the fashion industry? Women these days are often spotted wearing Boho chic style clothing. For generations, women from all walks of life have been inspired by the defiance they find in Boho chic clothing.

So what constitutes Bohemian style clothing? For starters, picture the famous 60s and 70s decade, where hippies rule and free flowing spirits roam. Bohemian, or Boho for short was the fashion for that decade and since then it slowly regained popularity these days. Bohemian stated over 200 years ago as an exotic alternative to the fashions of that period. Bohemian was greatly associated with Gypsies as many writers and authors usually describe in their writing.

Bohemian style often consists of loose clothing hippie style and their long flowing hair. At some point, women with Bohemian clothes stand out in the crowd representing a rich colorful nature base on poverty, creativity and social in differences in traditions. No wonder, Bohemians are still an attractive fashion statement even in modern times.
There’s nothing better than dressing in Bohemian chic clothing. Women are now looking for new styles and they found inspiration through Bohemian style clothing. Bohemian chic dresses usually have earthly theme colors ranging from dark brown to lighter green shades. In a nutshell, casual comfort that best describes Bohemian chic clothes, as they are the light that dominates every girl comfort zones.

There is one basic rule if you want to sport bohemian clothing and that is ethnicity. Choose colors that reflect nature and things that are natural. Toned down versions of bright and pretty colors with the average brown and mixed will usually constitute to Bohemian style clothes.

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Bohemian Fashion – Looking Chic with Bohemian Maxi Dresses

Fashion comes and goes as well from time to time. These days, everyone has its own individual style. Some would keep it trendy and chic. Some mix it up as to how the ways they prefer it and would probably go into layers.The Bohemian style, for 200 years, has been free spirited, carefree, romantic clothing styles in fashion. It is often referred to as boho and often called as hippie-chic or even hobo-chic. The bohemian style is not just simple and inexpensive, but with proper tips, techniques, and mix and matches, it would pave its ways to a more unique and individual you.

Look for a fashion icon and learn for them. They don’t need to be a much vintage or a hippie show icon but rather someone who has an exquisitely simple yet trendy taste of looks who doesn’t follow the mob. (Examples are Audrey Hepburn and The Olsen Twins).

Be yourself! Let your personality shine. Remember, the way you feel in the inside apparently and subtly shows on the outside and it reflects in your personality as well. It’s not just the flip flops, flowy layered skirts, feathered head bands, and French braids. One of the important things in the Bohemian style is the individuality. Other than that, it is in your fashion choice that you get to express your personality.

Mix and Matches. Bohemian clothing style works well in casual settings.Be trendy yet chic in a cool modern way. Learn how wardrobes work together. This doesn’t need to cost you a lot. In fact, experimenting is one of the best ways to start and work with. You can consider rustic fabrics like aged leather, chunky knitwear, patchwork and tie-dye. Flowing silhouettes like maxi dresses, empire cuts, flared pants, faded cut-off jeans, crocheted toppers, peasant blouses, ankle-length gypsy skirts, shaggy waistcoats and bell-sleeved tops.

Accessorize and Get Excited. Bohemian style is paid more attention into details. From intricate design details and trims like top stitching, handkerchief hems, bat wings, ditsy florals, beads, macramé, smocking, folksy embroideries, wooden buttons and fringe. Casual accessories like organic jewellery, slouchy hobo bags, headbands, broad brimmed floppy hats, and hip slung belts is also a big plus!

Be daring and have fun. Always remember to just be who you are. Whatever and however you get to style yourself is your individual fashion choice so embrace it! Show and face the world with confidence and grace that comes from within. And don’t ever forget to have fun!

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